About Atrial Septal Defect

Atrial Heart Septal Defect, also known as atrial septal defect, is related to patent foramen ovale and interatrial communication. An important gene associated with Atrial Heart Septal Defect is NKX2-5 (NK2 Homeobox 5), and among its related pathways/superpathways are Cardiac conduction and Human Embryonic Stem Cell Pluripotency. The drugs Dexmedetomidine and Acetylsalicylic acid have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include in the septum, heart and lung, and related phenotypes are homeostasis/metabolism and growth/size/body region

Major Symptoms of Atrial Septal Defect

Atrial septal defect (ASD) is a congenital heart defect that affects the heart's pumping function. Some major symptoms of ASD include palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, coughing, and chest pain.

Suitable Lifestyle for People with Atrial Septal Defect

Suitable lifestyle options for people with Atrial septal defect include the following:

1. Adjust diet: avoid high-cholesterol, high-fat, and high-salt foods, and eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat protein foods.

2. Moderate exercise: Moderate aerobic exercise can improve cardiopulmonary function, enhance the body's immunity, and alleviate the condition.

3. Control your weight: Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the burden on your heart and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

4. Stop smoking and limit drinking: Smoking and drinking increase the risk of heart disease, which is more important for people with Atrial septal defect.

5. Avoid overexertion: Overexertion will increase the burden on the heart and aggravate the condition.

6. Maintain a good mental state: A positive attitude can enhance the body's immunity and psychological resistance, and alleviate the disease.

7. Seek medical treatment regularly: Receive regular treatment and examinations from professional doctors to ensure that the condition is under timely and effective control.

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