About Alexander Technique for Posture Correction

Alexander Technique is an effective method of improving posture. Through a few simple movements, it helps people improve bad postures maintained for a long time and reduce physical pain and discomfort. It was founded by American physicist William Alexander. Through his unique insights in the field of physics, he combined ancient yoga, Pilates and correct posture correction to create a unique set of physical and mental health.

Adjustment method.

Alaishan Dafa mainly focuses on two aspects: breathing and movement. In terms of breathing, Alaishan Dafa emphasizes taking deep breaths, letting the breath go downwards, and fully expanding the abdomen and chest, which helps to reduce the burden on the body and increase the supply of oxygen. In terms of exercise, Alaishan Dafa advocates transferring the weight of the body from the neck, shoulders, waist and other parts to the feet through easy and smooth movements to achieve better relaxation and recovery. The Alaishan Dafa is mainly divided into the following five steps:

1. Stand up straight: with your feet shoulder-width apart, your heels on the ground and your toes slightly raised. Place your hands at your sides, relax your body, and feel your body's balance.

2. Raise your head: Slowly move your attention from your feet to the sky and let your head rise naturally.

At the same time, extend your arms upward and let your shoulders relax as much as possible.

3. Bend over: Slowly lower your arms from your head while placing your hands behind your body to help balance your body. During this process, pay attention to the extension of the waist and let it relax as much as possible.

4. Stand low: Slowly bend your legs so that they are close to your abdomen and your heels touch the ground. During this process, be careful not to bend your knees too much to avoid pain.

5. Relaxation: Slowly relax the entire body and feel the relaxation and comfort of the body. After completing the entire movement, stay for a few seconds to allow your body to gradually recover.

Alaishan Dafa has significant effects on improving bad posture, relieving physical fatigue, and improving body immunity. Through simple movements, Alai Shan Dafa helps people achieve physical relaxation and balance, and promotes the body's self-healing ability. For those who suffer from poor posture for a long time, the Aleshan Method is a great way to improve their posture. However, it should be noted that when performing the Alaishan Dafa, you must ensure that your body is comfortable to avoid unnecessary harm.

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