About Anxiety Assessments

Anxiety is a common emotional state that negatively affects people's daily lives and work. Therefore, accurately assessing and identifying anxiety levels is important for treating and preventing anxiety symptoms.

To help you better understand your anxiety, here is a common anxiety detection method - the Self-Rating Anxiety Scale (SRA). SRA is a numerical scoring method that reflects the subject's anxiety level within a specific period of time by asking subjects to rate a series of anxiety events according to the degree of their symptoms. This method is easy to operate, suitable for a wide range of age groups, and has high reliability and validity. SRA divides anxiety events into five levels:

1. No anxiety: score 0 points;

2. Mild anxiety: score 1 point;

3. Moderate anxiety: score 2 points;

4. Severe anxiety: score 3 points;

5. Extremely severe anxiety: score 4 points.

Based on the score, you can help yourself understand your current anxiety status and take appropriate intervention measures in a targeted manner.

- First, understanding your own anxiety can help you get to the root of the problem and develop a sound treatment plan.

- Secondly, through SRA, you can understand your scores on different anxiety events, so you can adjust your lifestyle in a targeted manner to reduce anxiety symptoms.

- In addition, the SRA can serve as an assessment tool for counselors and psychiatrists, providing professionals with important information.

In summary, SRA is a simple yet effective anxiety detection method that can help you better understand your anxiety status and move towards a healthier life.

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