About Kidney Stones

Nephrolithiasis, also known as kidney stones, is related to nephrolithiasis, calcium oxalate and nephrolithiasis/osteoporosis, hypophosphatemic, 1, and has symptoms including renal pain An important gene associated with Nephrolithiasis is SLC25A25 (Solute Carrier Family 25 Member 25), and among its related pathways/superpathways are Transport of inorganic cations/anions and amino acids/oligopeptides and Disorders of transmembrane transporters. The drugs Mirabegron and Ropivacaine have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include kidney, bone and prostate, and related phenotypes are renal/urinary system and homeostasis/metabolism

Major Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Symptoms of kidney stones may include severe pain or discomfort, a strong urge to urinate, passing large amounts of urine, cloudy or strong urine, a decrease in urine production, and discomfort in the back, side or lower abdomen.

Suitable Lifestyle for People with Kidney Stones

The suitable lifestyle for people with Kidney stones includes the following points:

1. Maintain good eating habits: avoid high-purine, high-sodium, high-protein and high-fat foods, and eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low-fat foods. food.

2. Exercise regularly: Moderate aerobic exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, improves cardiopulmonary function, and helps eliminate waste from the body.

3. Get enough sleep: Adequate sleep helps maintain good health, reduce fatigue, and reduce stress in life.

4. Reduce drinking and smoking: Drinking and smoking will increase the risk of kidney stones and cause adverse effects on health.

5. Regular physical examinations: Regular physical examinations can help detect kidney stones or other kidney diseases early and provide timely treatment.

6. Maintain a good attitude: Maintaining a good attitude can help reduce the stress of life and prevent the occurrence of kidney stones.

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