About Low Tension Glaucoma

Glaucoma, Normal Tension, also known as low tension glaucoma, is related to ocular hypertension and keratitis, hereditary, and has symptoms including progressive decreased vision An important gene associated with Glaucoma, Normal Tension is OPTN (Optineurin), and among its related pathways/superpathways is Pathogenesis of ALS. The drugs Timolol and Travoprost have been mentioned in the context of this disorder. Affiliated tissues include eye, retina and brain, and related phenotype is vision/eye.

Major Symptoms of Low Tension Glaucoma

Low tension glaucoma, also known asjuvenile glaucoma, is a rare eye condition that affects young children. The major symptoms include increased visual acuity, decreased visual field, and the appearance of white spots in the retina. Additionally, there may be symptoms such as increased sensitivity to light and visual disturbances, as well as the development of cataracts.

Suitable Lifestyle for People with Low Tension Glaucoma

There are no clear lifestyle restrictions for patients with low tension glaucoma. However, patients are advised to maintain a regular and healthy lifestyle as much as possible to help the condition stabilize and improve. The following are some suggestions that may help patients improve their lifestyle:

1. Adhere to medication: Patients need to take medication on time as recommended by their doctor and strictly abide by medication regulations.

2. Maintain good living habits: Patients need to maintain adequate sleep time, maintain good eating habits, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, and avoid overeating.

3. Reduce stress: Patients need to learn to cope with stress in life and seek appropriate ways to relax, such as meditation, yoga, listening to music, etc.

4. Avoid overexertion: Patients need to avoid overexertion to avoid worsening of the condition.

5. Maintain a good attitude: Patients need to maintain a good attitude and maintain good communication with family and friends to relieve stress and fatigue. In short, patients with low tension glaucoma need to maintain a regular and healthy lifestyle to help stabilize and improve their condition. Patients need to pay close attention to their condition and communicate with their doctors regularly to adjust treatment plans and lifestyle.

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