Brooks Trace 3 Men's Running Shoes Blue/Peacoat/Yellow Size 12 Width D - Medium
Brooks Trace 3 Men's Running Shoes Blue/Peacoat/Yellow Size 12 Width D - Medium
Enjoy soft cushioning and smooth transitions in the Brooks Trace 3! This neutral running shoe provides dependable comfort for new runners. Every stride on the DNA LOFT midsole delivers soft landings, while the Segmented Crash Pad leads smooth transitions. The engineered air mesh upper surrounds your foot in soft comfort while improving breathability. If you want to start your first runs on the right foot, choose the Brooks Trace 3! What's New? Updated midsole with soft DNA LOFT foam for long=lasting comfort. Engineered mesh upper improves softness and breathability. Who's it for? Neutral runners looking for a soft running shoe that offers a perfect starting point for running. Key Features: Soft cushioning: Updated midsole features soft DNA LOFT cushioning for long-lasting comfort that adapts to your stride. Smooth transitions: Segmented Crash Pad helps to absorb impact for easy transitions from landing to lift-off. Breathable upper: Engineered air mesh upper offers soft comfort that surrounds your foot..
Color: Blue,Peacoat,Yellow
Age Group: adult
Gender: male
Size: 12 Medium (D)
Brand: Brooks

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