About Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy is a new type of medical treatment that uses the natural therapeutic effects of animals to assist humans in rehabilitation. In recent years, animal-assisted therapy has attracted more and more attention in the medical community and has become an important branch of rehabilitation medicine. The treatment targets of animal-assisted therapy are mainly patients who are not suitable or unable to receive human treatment, such as critically ill patients, pain patients, patients with musculoskeletal diseases, etc. Through animal-assisted therapy, patients' therapeutic effects and quality of life can be improved. There are many types of animal-assisted therapy treatments, the most common ones are:

1. Animal companion therapy: patients can be accompanied by pet dogs, cats, birds and other animals during the treatment process. The animals can provide emotional support and help relieve the patient's pain. Anxiety and depression.

2. Animal exercise therapy: Promote the physical recovery of patients through animal exercise, such as helping patients with rehabilitation training, physical therapy, etc.

3. Animal interaction therapy: Patients can reduce stress, relieve anxiety and depression, and enhance their psychological quality by interacting with animals.

4. Animal acupuncture therapy: By acupuncture on animals, the therapeutic effects of animals are introduced into the human body to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.

In animal-assisted therapy, the selection of the animal is very important and needs to be selected according to the purpose of the treatment and the needs of the patient. In addition, the effects of animal-assisted therapy vary depending on factors such as animal type, quantity, treatment time, and environment, and need to be evaluated and adjusted by professional medical staff.

In summary, animal-assisted therapy is an effective treatment modality that can improve patient outcomes and quality of life. However, evaluation and guidance by professional medical staff are required to achieve the best treatment results.

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